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What are the common kindergarten supplies?

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Kindergarten supplies are more diverse, children's life in kindergarten should be as complete as at home, and children's resistance is low. For tableware and daily necessities, in addition to one for each person, there should also be strict requirements on their quality. Young children are not only less resistant, but also less cognizant of things, which requires teachers and parents to select kindergarten supplies for adults.
Sleeping bags and pillows: Basically, kindergartens lay thick mats for their children to nap. Some kindergartens provide sleeping bags in addition. So many parents recommend to prepare two quilts and pillows, cushions and covers, the children themselves can accept, of course, there are children like sleeping bags to have a sense of security, so different opinions, you can ask the children's wishes before preparing, to avoid buying children do not like later.
Water bottle, steel cup: whether the water bottle is a direct drink or a straw, does not keep warm, will it leak, is not cute, the material ring is not environmentally friendly, has been discussed to turn over, but for children to prepare water bottles, it is more important to let them remember to drink water! So it is more important to make children easy to carry. Some kindergartens will use steel cups uniformly. Basically, the style and material are similar. But some kindergarten teachers suggest that it is easier for teachers to cultivate children's drinking habits through kettles.
Tableware: Not every kindergarten has a uniform set of tableware, so with breakfast, lunch, snacks three meal time, to prepare three sets of spoons and bowls, if not to help clean the kindergarten.
For kindergarten supplies, everything can not be ignored, children's resistance is weak, if people use the necessities of life together, it will cause serious infections. Children have a strong learning ability from childhood. If they develop good living habits from childhood, they will have a good application in the future. Our company provides a variety of kindergarten supplies and toys, you can choose according to your actual needs.